Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grave Goods

Grave Goods by Arianna Franklin

This book is the third in a series. They are CSI mystery thrillers set in the 12th century England. The author has done quite a bit of research with regards to both political hisory (Henry Plantagenet aka Henry II is a recurring figure) as well as social customs and the circumstances of women.

Our heroine, Adelia, was raised in Italy and attended medical school there. Nowhere else in Europe are women allowed to practice medicine, including England. Another twist is that the bulk of her medical training has been in the investigation of corpses. She finds herself in England with her good friend and protector, an Islamic Saracen. They are forced to offer the world the pretense that the Saracen is the doctor and she the arabic interpretor in order to avoid having her tried and executed for witchcraft.

King Henry II is fully aware of her presence and her expertise but goes along with the pretense knowing that the people of England are not yet ready for women to be doctors let alone doctors of the dead.

Adelia is brought in for yet another mystery for which King Henry II needs an answer. She and those she cares most about in the world are at his whim and must travel into danger to investigate two corpses thought to be those of King Arthur and Guinevere. Her task is to either prove that they are the fabled pair or make sure no one can prove who they really are. Using the anatomical and investigative knowledge of the 12th century, she is once again able to complete the task at hand but not without experiencing peril to her own life and that of others.

All three books are great reads that are entertaining as well as informative with regards to the reign of Henry Plantagenet. They could be read separately but I would recommend reading them all. The first book is The Mistress of the Art of Death and the second is The Serpent's Tale. Enjoy!

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I liked Mistress & the Art of you have the other 2 I can borrow?