Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Already Gone

Already Gone by John Rector

This is a crime thriller.  On page two our protagonist gets his finger cut off with bolt cutters.  If you can't handle that, don't read this book.

This isn't a crime thriller from the perspective of the police or even the criminal.  This is told from the voice of the guy who now only has 9 fingers.  He can't figure out what's going on and who he needs to be looking over his shoulder for.  He's a newly appointed University professor but he didn't start out all normal and straight laced and therein lies his dilemna.

This was a pretty good book and the first big twist I saw coming probably just because all other avenues had been exhausted and  I've read tons of these types of books.  The ending annoyed me big time though.  If you like crime drama, check it out and then let me know if you liked the ending or if you agree that it should have ended differently.  I mean, that one guy shouldn't have died, you know???

Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

Where'd You Go, Bernadette: A Novel by Maria Semple

I really enjoyed this book but the main character, Bernadette, is as quirky as it gets.

Bernadette has made herself into a strange recluse.  She might have been a bit off-beat in the past but now she's fodder for the gossips at her daughter's charter school in Seattle.  Her husband is so wrapped up in work he hasn't really noticed.  Her daughter notices but doesn't really care and has crafted her life around the oddities of her mother.

I'm afraid if I say any more it will just be a giant spoiler so that's all I'm going to say except: FBI, Antartica, Microsoft, and email.  Enjoy!

Mother of Winter

Mother of Winter by Barbara Hambly (The Darwath Series)

This book takes place 5 years after the Darwath Trilogy.   The Dark has left the land and everything seems great and the people are working on rebuilding their lives and their world except something isn't quite right.

Something weird is happening and no one is quite sure what it is even.  There is a new plant that no one has ever seen before and it was never mentioned in any historical writings or the verbal histories of the nomadic tribes.  Other things are happening too but no one is quite sure what it is, why it is and where it is coming from.

This book was creepier than the first three (or maybe I cared more about the characters at this point).  I had to stop halfway through and read a couple of other books before I could finish it.

There is one more in the series and I'm looking forward to reading it - later.