Friday, August 6, 2010

The Sun

The Sun is not a book it is a magazine and I have had a subscription pretty consistently since 1998. (I have all my back issues if you ever want to read them - not sure what to do with them now that I've been saving them this long)

I was on such a book reading jag that I wasn't reading my issues of The Sun and so I decided it was time to get caught up. Also, I started reading a book that I just couldn't get into so I'll try it again at a later date - or not. Plus I've been crazy busy traveling and working and doing stuff that is not necessarily conducive to sitting and reading for long lovely periods of time.

If you have never heard of The Sun you need to check out their website for examples of how great this publication is. One year I gave gift subscriptions to many of my friends and family. I only think one person has kept it going but, oh well.

This magazine is great for a variety of reasons the first being NO ADVERTISING (yea!). It is a literary magazine with fantastic black and white photos, essays, memoirs, short stories, poetry, fiction, always and interview and my favorite - reader's write.

Reader's Write is just what you think it is. Reader's send in their short non-fiction stories on predetermined topics. For instance, February 2011 will be about Making It Last. May 2011 will be about Shoes. I regularly laugh out loud or break down crying when reading the Reader's Write section.

I am almost finished with the July issue and then I can get started on August but I'm also reading To Kill a Mockingbird for my book club so stay tuned for that review.

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