Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Puzzle

The Puzzle (Samantha Jamison Mystery) by Peggy A Edelheit

This book was a Kindle Single that I bought for $.99. That said, I think I overpaid - especially considering the time I spent reading.

The text of this book was disjointed and jumped from one topic to the next. The main character was a person that I had no empathy for in her blind stupidity and was barely believable.

The mystery factor was disjointed and random. The main character is trying to solve her husband's death/murder and receives random threatening notes. Upon receipt of these notes, she becomes almost catatonic in her hysterical fear but she never speaks to the authorities about anything.

The supporting characters are not well developed in their supposed menace. The final resolution is absurd. Oh, and I have my doubts as to whether this book was actually edited or not.

I don't recommend this book. I will not be seeking out any other book by Peggy A. Edelheit because I can only guess they will be equally pointless.

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