Friday, October 5, 2012

The Hound of Rowan

The Hound of Rowan: Book 1 of the Tapestry Series by Henry H Neff

According to Amazon, the book is for ages 8 and up.  I'd guess it is for ages 8-11.  It is a little more detailed than I think a younger reader can engage in but it is too simplistic for 12 and up.

Our hero is Max McDaniels.  He is a regular boy living in the suburbs of Chicago with his father who is in advertising.  Max' mother disappeared a few years earlier.

I am going to read this book to my 6 1/2 year old and see how he likes it.

I kept waiting for the author to develop ideas and characters more but it never happened.  The concept of the tapestry was not developed or explained with regard to its importance or even just the impact that it had on Max.  The dreams that Max has of the Hound of Rowan are not well connected to legend so I'm still waiting to see if that resolves itself further.  The connection that Max has with his "best friend" David Menlo is not believable.  Max and David just happen to be roommates but I never got the impression that they were fast friends - just convenient ones.

This book feels like it wants to be Harry Potter but it falls short in many ways.  Unless my son loves the story and wants to continue, I won't be reading any more of the series.

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