Thursday, August 29, 2013

Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

When old African and West Indies tales of the beginning of the world start to entertwine with the life of an ordinary man about to get married in London, things become a bit surreal.

Fat Charlie was born in America but when he was 10, his mother left his father in Florida and took him with her to live in London near her aunt.  Fat Charlie was happy to leave his father behind.  His father caused him a great deal of embarrassment and grief.  Just before he is to get married, Fat Charlie gets a call from his old next door neighbor in Florida who tells him that his father has died (in a rather embarrassing way of course).

Fat Charlie's trip back to Florida to bury his father and say goodbye is the beginning of a long strange trip into a world he had no idea actually existed.  He learns about the beginnings of the world, his father and he finds himself.

This was a really fun book that kept me engaged and entertained.  I loved the symbolism as well as the use of folk tales woven into the story of today's world.  I highly recommend this book and I am interested in ready more of Neil Gaiman's work in the future.

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