Thursday, June 28, 2012

I, Alex Cross

I, Alex Cross by James Patterson

The Alex Cross series of books is really popular but I'm pretty sure this was my first one.  The first book in the series is Along Came a Spider.  This particular book is number 16 and I think he's up to 20 now.  James Patterson is an extremely prolific writer but most of his books are co-written.  The Alex Cross series is one of the few that seems to be coming from him directly.

This was a good police thriller mystery book.  It's clear why Patterson is a bestselling author.  He can definitely write a good thriller.  I have read a fair amount of mystery/thrillers in my time and I'm usually pretty good at guessing about mid-way through the book.  It was pretty late in the book before I had an inkling of who it could be.

If you want a fast thriller for summer vacation, this is a good one.

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