Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day After Night

Day After Night by Anita Diamante

This book is based on a true story.  It is the tale of the rescue of more than two hundred Jewish refugees.  They were being held as prisoners for illegal immigration into Israel after World War II.  The British Military were running this prison near Haifa.

The story is told from the voices of four young women who had all survived the holocaust in a different way. They were all plagued with the ghosts of their past and the things they had done to survive but were looking forward to a new life.  A life after death, a day after night.

This book was extremely well written and I really enjoyed it a great deal.

Diamante also wrote the Red Tent which I thoroughly enjoyed several years ago. She has another book The Last Days of Dogtown that is on my "to read" list.

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