Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

Admittedly I got totally bogged down last year and just gave up blogging. I have decided to turn over a new leaf and try, once again, to blog all the books I read.  To get caught up for the month I am not going to blog them in the order I read them or any other specific order other than the one that is sticking most in my mind.

The other day I read The Weird Sisters driving from Reno to Salt Lake. I wasn't driving, by the way, my husband was. Okay I had actually read about 2 chapters the day before but the rest I read on the drive home.

I really enjoyed this book. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because it is about three sisters and I am one of three sisters myself (of course we have a brother too but I am looking at the sister relationships).  The book family had a father who spoke largely in Shakespearian verse, really. It was kind of awesome to consider that instead of using quoted from say The Princess Bride, a family might throw out quotes from A Midsummer's Nights Dream or Othello. Weird but awesome.

Of course the characters all had traits that bugged me and did things that I was inwardly screaming "no, don't do that! You'll regret it!".  I think that is just a sign that the characters are written well, like real people.

I enjoyed different aspects of each of the characters so if you amalgamated them into one, you may end up with a really great character or a really crappy one depending on which batch if traits are used. The supporting characters (parents) were ethereal in a way. They floated on the edges and occasionally through the story but they were less tangible as people. I liked the contrast of this. There were also a couple of supporting male roles but they had a different quality to them. It was as though the men were only whole when they were with a sister but otherwise they were, not ethereal but, not real or substantial either.

Anyway, it's a fast and fun read. You should check it out.

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