Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

This book reminds me of the shows that play on Lifetime "television for women".  I'm not saying it was bad but it was meh.

This book was a bit over dramatic and her characters were rather stereotypical in many ways. The book follows three main women and their relationships. One woman has a husband, a son and a cousin whose life is horribly enmeshed with hers and her families. This woman was quite self-centered and seemingly not very reflective until her husband announces he is in love with someone else. This starts a period of finally reflecting and looking at the people in her life as individuals rather than how they affect her.  She makes a couple colossal mistakes but is able to swallow pride and make an effort to mend the problem.

The second woman is the widowed mother of a man, married with one child, and a girl who was killed at seventeen. This woman wears her grief like a heavy blanket. The blanket of grief diminishes her capacity to enjoy anything in life except her grandson.   She has spent the years so wrapped in her grief she has largely ignored her living son. She has no concept of his grief, she has not made any effort to get to know him or his wife.

The third woman is married with three daughters. She is a super organized "get it done" kind of woman. While her husband is traveling on business, she finds a letter addressed to her from her husband "to be read in the event of his death."  The existence of this letter throws her for a loop as it is very unlike her husband to do something like this. When she asks him about it on the phone later, he tries to brush it off as no big deal, he wrote it right after their first child was born and he was feeling the enormity of parenthood. This was a pretty good answer but she knew he was lying.

In thinking about it, this was an okay book but it was just a little more feminine drama than I like.

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